s.Oliver RED LABEL

Opposites attract, as we know – the s.Oliver men's collection surprises in spring/summer on the one hand with very clean styles that reflect the reduced and subtle look of the outerwear. On the other hand, there are models with colour blocking elements that perfectly fit with the hip colour trend in fashion with their loud design. Both trends have the comfort expectation in common. After all, comfort paired with a modern look are the ingredients for a stylish look in business and leisure. Sneakers – from the classic canvas vulca style to the trendy chunky sneaker – still dominate the collection image. They are complemented by Oxford lace-ups, slip-ons and midsummer toe post shoes. The collection lines SO FLEX with a super flexible sole, SO HYB with an urban finish and SO MOTION with absolute freedom of movement during long periods of wear convince again this season with new models. The SO LIGHT lightweights are brand new.

With the newly launched SO LIGHT, the name says it all - extra light shoes with pleasant comfort literally give the wearer wings. The flyweights make the line the perfect companion on hot summer days and provide “Unstoppable Lightness”.

True to the motto “Flexibility Redefined”, SO FLEX combines smart models with an innovative sole design. A flexible rubber sole makes the shoe extremely flexible and the padded insole guarantees immediate comfort. From slip-ons and Chelseas to Oxfords or classic lace-up shoes – these comfortable classics will guide us every step of the way in 2020.

With its futuristic designs, the SO HYB collection transforms every look into an eye-catcher on the streets. Chunky bases with both clean and colour blocking uppers dominate the collection.

The material mix of airy materials, such as mesh and rustic leather, is suitable for every style. Dynamic-modern and true to the motto “The Pulse of the City”, this trend can be combined in many ways.

“Keep on moving” – the SO MOTION collection is the pioneer of comfort. The sole made of 5 mm thick foam padding adapts to the individual gait optimally and ensures absolute comfort without affecting the look of the shoe. The cover sole gives stability and the design also offers plenty of freedom of movement in the toe and forefoot area. Tired feet due to long periods of wear in everyday life are now a thing of the past.

Comfortable deep footbed mules and airy mesh or canvas slip-ons with logo rubber sole can be optimally worn with shorts or chinos on land or on water. Flip-flops with padded leather insole and soft ribbons are the right choice for the hot summer days in the city or by the sea.

Light, comfortable and modern are the keywords in the selection of materials. High-quality suede and nubuck, soft synthetic and new technical materials from the functional range, such as mesh, characterise the s.Oliver Shoes collection models. Practical and trendy at the same time; the elastic laces on the sneakers, which make annoying tying unnecessary.

As far as the colour palette is concerned, the collection relies on timeless classics such as Navy, Black, Beige, Grey and, of course, White. Royal Blue and Red are eye-catchers, which either set colourful accentuation in the design, in the shoelaces or the sole, or even come along as a complete all-over look.